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The Stamps of Rijeka, FIUME 1918-1924

The book is a professional reference book of a Croatian Philatelic Federation number 16. There are 250 full coloured pages, hard cover, over 1000 pictures. Written in croatian and english language.

Other prizes won at the philatelic exhibitions in recent years:

... In recent years, catalogs and professional writings on various issues of Rijeka appeared signed by famous researchers like Guglielmo Oliva, Alberto Diena, Renato Mondolfo and others, but no doubt the new catalog by Ivan Martinaš adds to previous studies such a dimension of new information that, in my opinion, every collector, from less to more experienced ones, should put the catalog among the essential works in their philatelic library. The readers will pleasantly discover in the catalog the above mentioned stamps and postal usages they probably never supposed existed.

Silvano Sorani, FRPSL – AISP

... In the last eighty or so years, many texts on the stamps of Rijeka have been written, and there were many discussions on the subject. But, for the first time we have a work – a reference book sistematically elaborating philatelic material from 1918 to 1924, encouraging the reader to further reflect and do researches on the field, what in fact is its greatest value.

Tihomir Bilandžić, prof.

Buying Fiume stamps without a valid examination is the most expensive buying.

Examination of Fiume stamps

I am a Member of -VP- German association of philatelic experts from May 2017. Before that, from March 2008 to May 2017 I was a stamp examiner registered at the Croatian Philatelic Federation (CPF).
My expertising areas are Fiume stamps and postal history 1918-1924 including stamps for Kvarner (Carnaro) islands Rad (Arbe) and Krk (Veglia), Italian occupation Zone Fiumano Kupa 1941, Jugoslav occupation of Trieste, Pola, Fiume, Istria and Slovene Littoral 1945–1947 and Trieste Zone B (STT VUJA / STT VUJNA) 1947–1954.

My opinion according to your scan sent on email is free of charge. Upon your wish I can make Photo Certificate which will be charged according to the -VP- rules.
Please send an email for more informations.
Value of stamps refers to the value listed in the Sassone catalog or if necessary, in a professional reference book of the Croatian Philatelic Federation Nr. 16.

Both Fiume (Italian) and Rijeka (Croatian) words mean river in English language.

From late 1918 to 1924 Fiume was independent state, had its own money and stamps.

Some Articles about Fiume Philately

From 1945 Fiume obtain its croatian name Rijeka and like the rest of Croatia was within Yugoslavia untill 1991. From 1991 Rijeka is within Croatian independent state.

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